The Eagle lowering device design is the result of over twenty-five years of high mast experience. Systems are available in all stainless steel, galvanized finish, finish painted or self weathering cor-ten steel. The all stainless steel device provides maximum corrosion resistance for salt air and chemical environments. All systems incorporate all stainless steel hardware to insure trouble free operation.

Luminaire Ring

Rings are available in standard 30" diameter or 42" diameter, for use with concrete towers or extra large diameter steel towers. Both sizes are available in open "C" channel or closed tubular design. Rings are available in all stainless steel, galvanized finish, finish painted or self weathering cor-ten steel. All Eagle systems use 12 rollers on the inside of the ring to allow for the smooth transition of the ring up and down the pole.

Mast Head Assembly

Made of corrosion resistant stainless steel, galvanized finish, finish painted or cor-ten steel. Available in standard 30" or 42" diameter. Both systems use five 3" diameter power cable rollers made of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene with permanently lubricated bronze bearings. The stainless steel suspension cable sheaves are available in stainless steel or mild steel, zinc plated. Both have permanently lubricated bronze bearings and stainless steel keepers to prevent the cable from jumping the track. All attachment hardware is stainless steel.

Trasition Plate

Available in stainless steel and galvanized steel. The transition plate joins the three stainless steel suspension cables to the 1/4" anti-torquing stainless steel winch cable. The Eagle system is a "Bottom-Latch" design utilizing two stainless steel safety chains that attach to the transition plate. With the safety chains attached the entire winch can be removed from the pole with the ring in the raised position. For added safety there is also an anti-free spin lock placed on the winch gear box. Simplicity of design for maximum safety.

Winch and Gear Box

The Eagle system uses a Precision Gear ductile iron 30 to 1 gear box. Systems are available in integral motor or portable motor designs. A factory set clutch with pre-load set for the weight of the ring, fixtures, and three 300 Lb. Springs insure that the ring will be seated properly at the masthead.

Installation Assistance

Eagle has crews to assist you with the tower and lowering device assembly. This service not only saves you considerable dollars on the installation time, it also insures a trouble free installation.